XL-Yoga works for your body where you are at the present time. With props (belts, blocks, bolsters, blankets) you can work with your body instead of against it. Classes that include standing and coming down to the floor are structured to make that transition with ease and maybe even with grace. We’ll make it work for your body. We’ll find that place between comfort and discomfort, a place of challenge without disappointment.

I trained in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program offered through YogaWorks, led by Catherine Munro of The Asana Room in Courtenay BC.

My first experience with a yoga class was in Vancouver in the mid 1980s. The instructor was a larger woman and although yoga for large bodies was not even considered a speciality at that time, the instructor adapted poses for her body and instructed for ‘every body’.

The class is a welcoming, supportive,non-judgmental, fun environment; it’s not necessary to be silent and serious. We are focused and trusting in our abilities and love our bodies where they are right now.